Who am I, and Why Did I Create FAIT Analytics?

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

I am the creator of this site, Tim Cline. Currently all of the content on the site is created by me, so I think it’s important to explain my background and what led to me creating FAIT Analytics.

I grew up playing sports year-round, both formally and just around the house. When I wasn’t playing sports, I was typically either watching or reading about them. My family had season tickets to the Buffalo Bisons, we gathered each week for Buffalo Bills games, and I took advantage of TBS to watch almost every Braves game. I was a good athlete but wasn’t good enough to play beyond high school.

My other life-long interest was math; it was always the subject that came easiest to me and that I enjoyed the most. Later in life, this evolved to also be an interest in management and finance. This also led to my first exposure to sports analytics, the book Moneyball. While I think there were both advantages and disadvantages to the approaches mentioned in the book, this was my first exposure to the idea of being able to use math to pursue a career in sports.

When it came time to pick a college, I decided to combine my interests and attend the University of South Carolina to study Sport and Entertainment Management. My goal at the time was to turn this into joining a sports franchise and eventually working my way to being a General Manager. Even though I did very well in college, I struggled to find a job in sports coming out of college. I did end up working for Feld Entertainment, but also decided I needed to broaden my opportunities by pursuing an MBA. I studied at George Washington University, with a focus on finance and stock analysis during my time there. I graduated in 2013, and soon after took a role in corporate finance with a government consultant.

Even though my career took me elsewhere, my interest in sports never waned. One thing I continuously noticed was that sports analytics became more and more prominent, but they often came without context or an explanation that would make sense to those that didn’t work with numbers every day. That was especially interesting to me because much of my job is focused on explaining financial positions and numbers to those who aren’t focused on that every day.

While I had played around with creating my own metrics over time, this focus on making them more approachable became where I saw a path for me to get some involvement back in sports. In turn, that led to me creating this site and I hope it can achieve my goals of both examining sports and making sure the numbers involved are more approachable for everyone.

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