Projecting EPL Relegation w/ Five Matches Left

With only five matches left, how is the race to avoid relegation in the Premier League looking?

Brighton – Safe at this point, with a nine-point cushion. Even if Brighton were to not gain another point this season, none of the teams currently in the relegation zone have shown any ability to put up that type of performance the remainder of the season.

West Ham – No team has done more to improve their odds in the last few matches than West Ham. Gaining three points against Chelsea is the big result; gaining points where they’re unexpected can make all the difference in a race like this. At this point West Ham looks to be safe; however, they have plenty of work to do to achieve their actual aims next season.

Watford – Watford’s likely to be an underdog in four of their five remaining matches; it’s vital that they take all three points from Norwich to make them more comfortable moving forward. Their lack of finishing has been their shortcoming; even with a strong defense, a dependence on draws makes it difficult to move further up the table.

Aston Villa – Holding on for a point against either Wolves or Liverpool would have made it much more of a coin-flip to stay up. Aston Villa’s the most likely of the three teams to climb out of relegation, but they’ll need to find a way to keep the ball out of their net.

Bournemouth – On top of poor form, Bournemouth’s run-in has Tottenham, Leicester, Man City, and Everton. Even with some of those teams struggling, it’s getting more and more unlikely that Bournemouth will find a way to stay up.

Norwich – Won’t be staying up this season; at this point, the remainder of the season is best seen as a chance to determine which pieces are most likely to stick around and help the team in the Championship.

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