About Us

Sports analytics combined with needed context

FAIT Analytics was established in 2020 to help the everyday sports fan better understand the business of sports and the continuously emerging advanced analytics that are becoming an ever bigger part of the sports conversation.


My aim is to not only provide new analysis, but more importantly to present it in a way that's beneficial to everyone.  While there is a focus on numbers and looking for innovative insights, the goal is always to ensure there is background on how that information is useful and how to see it in action.

To do this among other things you'll see articles focusing on explaining the analytics consistently mentioned in broadcasts and sports conversation, a review of results along with the metrics that drove them, previews of what to expect going forward, and discussions of the business side of the sports industry.

Articles are broken into five categories:

Baseball, Soccer, and Hockey: Reviewing games, providing new analysis of these sports and how teams are run, and explaining the commonly used metrics.  I've chosen these three sports as the ones I have the most experience both playing and researching.

Sports Business: Examining areas of interest in the business side of sports.  For example, how sports would be impacted by a recession.

Miscellaneous: Sports posts that don't fit into the categories above, or other updates related to the site as a whole.